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Fiscal Sponsorship & Project Management

Since 1995 CMSF has worked to protect marine ecosystems while strengthening coastal resilience in the face of population growth, urban and industrial uses, climate change, and historic overfishing.


We believe our work is unparalleled and our interdisciplinary team provides an urgent and unique approach to protecting ocean resources by working across terrestrial and coastal ecosystems.  

CMSF is also 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides our tax-exemption and associated benefits to select groups aligned with our mission of advancing the understanding and stewardship of ocean resources.  Our partners include universities, local communities, government partners, and other NGOs focused on implementing practical and effective solutions that lessen human impacts on our environment, and increase stewardship of natural resources. 

Working under both grants and contracts from federal, state, and private entities, we work with our partners to employ project managers, biologists, researchers, facilitators, and conservation professionals to ensure program success.  

For more information on fiscal sponsorships and project management, please email

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