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Master’s Student Internship Opportunity


Position Summary

The greater Monterey Bay region’s waters and food webs are contaminated by ubiquitous microplastics (MPs) and macro-plastics that break apart into MPs. MPs have been detected in sanctuary waters from the surface to 1000 m depth, in the sediment, and in organisms including krill, fish, seabirds, and whales. Our project aims to establish the greater Monterey Bay region as a model for studying MPs in large aquatic ecosystems, by quantifying the flux of MPs into and out of MBNMS using a mass balance framework, including flows between the biota, ocean, rivers, and beaches. This intern will sample and analyze water from the four major rivers that enter the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Monitoring will include collecting water samples for microplastic analysis as well as collecting, documenting, and analyzing macro-plastic samples. Microplastics will be analyzed by the intern and members of the project team.  Macro-plastics will be categorized by product and use, to assess whether the origin is agricultural, industrial or urban. Learn More.

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