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Our Story

Since 1995 California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) has worked to protect the state's coastal ecosystems while strengthening coastal resilience in the face of population growth, urban and industrial uses, climate change, and resource extraction.  Working together with local communities, government agencies, tribal communities, harbors and marinas, and NGOs, we identify and then implement practical and effective solutions to lessen human impacts and increase stewardship of our state's coastal resources.

CMSF consistently enlists a strategic approach connecting key players with real solutions.  Our core focus is on improving coastal resilience by using an interdisciplinary approach. In each of the five focus areas, CMSF seeks to engage stakeholders, members of the public, as well as experts to help drive cutting edge and creative solutions. For the past 25 years CMSF has proven to be a strategic partner and innovator in coastal programming.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

All are welcome here. CMSF is committed to dismantling the longstanding racial, gender, and socio-economic boundaries that exist in the field of marine conservation. When bringing on new staff and interns, we will adhere to equitable recruiting policies and promote anti-discrimination within our work and with our partners in the local and conservation communities. We acknowledge that marine conservation is woven with rich diversity including Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Ecological Knowledge and we will do our best to amplify all the voices that contribute to conservation. Lastly, we commit to continued listening and learning, to adapt to the needs of our community, and to be as inclusive as we can.

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