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MPA Education and Outreach Tool Evaluation Report

This report, funded by the Ocean Protection Council (OPC), highlights findings and recommendations from research conducted by the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) that assessed the efficacy of select outreach tools for increasing awareness of MPAs among primary coastal user groups.

As the first commissioned evaluation to assess MPA outreach tool efficacy, the results provide invaluable insight into the utility of common outreach tools, providing better understanding of the success of outreach efforts.  The findings elucidate where future investments should be focused to achieve greatest impact.

Outreach tools evaluated include:

  • MPA Regulatory Brochures

  • MPA PowerPoint Presentations

  • 2020-2021 MPA Social Media Campaign

Download the full report below.

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Image of the MPA Outreach Evaluation Report.

15.1 MB version

Image of the MPA Outreach Evaluation Report.

111 MB version

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