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Climate Change Mitigation

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation provides technical expertise in the planning and  implementation of projects that improve California's climate resiliency.

Offshore Renewable Energy

The overarching challenge with the development of new industries or technologies is trying to anticipate their effects on the environment. 


In partnership with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and Southall Environmental Associates (SEA), CMSF is facilitating a working group of world-renowned scientists in the creation of a geospatial marine mammal and sea turtle vulnerability index to guide the planning and placement of wind turbines off the U.S. West Coast.

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Carbon Sequestration

CMSF works with agricultural growers and ranchers through a partnership with MBNMS on climate change mitigation through Healthy Soils Programs, sequestering carbon dioxide into the soils of working lands and slowing the pace of heat and CO2 absorption in the ocean. Healthy soils practices are scientifically validated practices implemented on ranches, or in crop production, to remove CO2 from the air and store it in the soil of working lands.


These practices remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and reduce the pace of climate change, benefitting the farmer by building drought resilience, reducing the needs for chemical inputs, and increasing yields. These benefits also extend to MBNMS, which has experienced documented increased seawater temperature, acidification, and ecological changes due to climate change.

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