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CMSF's Social Media Guidelines

CMSF aspires to open communications within all social media platforms. We seek to facilitate discussion and honor the differences in opinion shared by our audience, and we only delete or hide posts within our control when:


  • There is a direct threat to another individual or community.

  • There is use of inappropriate content or profane language. 

  • The post contains spam.

  • The poster routinely responds with comments that instigate issues within the thread.


CMSF will respond to engagement in a professional and respectful manner. When there is a comment that is not factually correct within our social media feeds, CMSF will respond to posts with factually correct information. Because criteria and policies around content moderation and concerns like abuse and “hate speech" undergo changes for each platform, we will also refer to Facebook’s Community Standards, Twitter’s Rules & Policies, and Instagram’s Community Guidelines as starting points in how to moderate comments.

Comments that are not acceptable:

  • Vulgar language.

  • Name-calling or bullying, including ethnic/racial/gender/religious slurs.

  • Spam content.

  • Factually incorrect information.

  • Threatening language.

  • Incitement to violence.

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