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California Marine Sanctuary Foundation has a long reputation of effectively facilitating working groups, meetings, and outcome-oriented educational events with scientists, ranchers, growers, resource managers, and stakeholders across many topics.  Examples include the West Coast MPA Resource Managers meeting, the South Coast MPA Collaborative Forum, and the Marine Enforcement Technology Forum.  We host seminars, workshops, and field tours with agricultural growers and ranchers, technical providers, and other key agricultural stakeholders to implement land practices that improve water quality.

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Field Workshops

CMSF works with agricultural growers and ranchers to facilitate on-farm technical workshops.  Past workshop topics include carbon sequestration in soils, biodegradable mulch, food safety, hedgerow planting, and bio-reactors:

  • Bioreactor and Nitrogen Removal From Field Runoff

  • Hill-Slope Management of Runoff

  • Introduction to the Ag Order Requirements

  • Healthy Soils- Physical, Chemical and Biological

  • Biodegradable Plastic Mulch Trials in Strawberry Production

  • Satellite Predictions of Evapotranspiration and Utility in Irrigation Management

  • Review of BMPs Reported on the Annual Compliance Form and Water Quality Outcomes

Online and In-Person

CMSF partners with scientists, governments, industry, and other NGOs to facilitate online and in-person workshops and meetings.  Past topics have included marine protected areas, water quality management, and the use of plastics in agriculture:

  • West Coast MPAs Information Exchange

  • MPA Ambassadors Training and Meeting

  • South Coast MPA Collaborative Forum

  • North Coast MPA Collaborative Forum - co-led

  • California MPA Technology Workshop

  • San Francisco Ocean Film Festival MPA Panel

  • Cover Crops and Their Benefits: Green House Gas Sequestration and Organic Matter

  • Agricultural Plastic Use

  • Drip Tape Recycling Dialogue

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Online Training

CMSF trains volunteers to perform a variety of interpretive enforcement, outreach, and water quality sampling tasks via online webinars and trainings.  Past training topics have been:

  • Water Sampling Methods and Techniques

  • Bay Net-Team OCEAN Naturalist Training

  • COVID Safety for Volunteers

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