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Water Quality Director

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Bridget has worked for Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) since January 1999.  Initially she was a contractor for the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation (now California Marine Sanctuary Foundation - CMSF) as Coordinator of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network where she created the volunteer water quality monitoring programs for MBNMS.  She provided water quality expertise to a wide range of school programs, watershed groups and government agencies.  In March 2007 Bridget joined the MBNMS Resource Protection Team as Director of the Water Quality Protection Program. In this capacity she leads the Water Quality team of amazing CMSF contractors in efforts to improve water quality flowing to MBNMS from the watersheds.  Priorities include working with agriculture partners to improve soil health, reducing pollutants in runoff and finding solutions to minimize plastic entering the environment.  The team also works with local municipalities to understand the quality of urban runoff flowing to MBNMS as well as assisting the cities in detection of illicit connections to the storm drain system and effectiveness of storm drain and sewer improvement projects. Her other responsibilities for the Resource Protection team include; 24 hour emergency response to spills and vessel groundings, permit review, addressing marine debris, enforcement support and NEPA consultations. Bridget loves working with many different partners in finding solutions to very complex and challenging environmental conditions.


Water is her lifesaver, whether at work or play.  She enjoys sailing, rowing, and just being on or near the ocean. The only thing more important than water quality is her family and spending time with her two grandsons. She has a Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems Science and Policy from Cal State Monterey Bay and extensive experience in water quality monitoring. Prior to her position with the Sanctuary, Bridget spent four years working for the Department of Ecology in Bellevue, WA as an Environmental Planner/Spill Response and seven years in the United States Coast Guard.


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