Watershed Resilience

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation in partnership with Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary provides technical expertise in the development of monitoring, messaging and relationship building required to protect California's watersheds.  Through work with coastal communities, cities and rural communities, CMSF provides data and coordination to resource managers focused on improving water quality in creeks, rivers and storm drains.

Lisa Emanuelson

provides leadership for Urban Landscapes through coordination of the Urban Watch, First Flush and

Snapshot Day monitoring programs.

"By connecting people to watersheds and ultimately the ocean, conditions in both ecosystems will improve."

Pam Krone

spearheads efforts

in Rural Landscapes to reduce impacts while building partnerships and collaborative efforts focused on soil health, removing contaminants and creating opportunities for collective progress.

"Our greatest achievements come from commitment, caring and partnering to find creative solutions."

Susan Robinson

provides leadership for Coordination and Facilitation of grant projects that require collaboration to identify pathways through difficult issues.

"Our strength and our success lies in the work we

do together."

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation