California's Marine Protected Areas

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation connects ocean users to California's Marine Protected Areas through educational resources aimed at building awareness of California's rich and diverse marine ecosystems. By providing Marine Protected Area toolkits and resources to hundreds of partners including marinas, harbors, bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores and MPA Collaboratives across the state, CMSF builds stewardship of MPAs and empowers Californians to protect marine resources.

California's MPA Education and Outreach Initiative resources are available to educators and the general public through the California Marine Protected Areas website.

Through funding provided by California's Ocean Protection Council, California Marine Sanctuary Foundation produced a comprehensive evaluation assessment of education and outreach tools:  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Marine Protected Area (MPA) Education and Outreach Tools (2021).

Rikki Eriksen Ph.D.

manages the MPA Program

by providing leadership and direction to educational

programs across the state.

"Protecting the oceans

protects our future as well

as that of our children and grandchildren. We share

the wonders of the oceans

so that others may play,

learn about and protect this

magical underwater world."

Danielle Brown

provides budget oversight and financial management, supervising program implementation and reporting outcomes for the MPA Program.

"Through diverse projects, CMSF demonstrates the importance of our

connections to the environment which will ultimately lead to our

next generation of ocean stewards."

Katelyn Sprofera

provides leadership in communications for the MPA Program by focusing on cross-organizational collaboration while innovating content for

the diverse audiences that

visit California's coast.

"By understanding

the varied connections

Californians and visitors have

with the coast and ocean,

we can provide the resources

needed to encourage

stewardship of our coastal

and marine resources."

Erin Ristig

supports the MPA Program team through creation of outreach and communication materials.

"By building ocean stewardship through innovative and diverse approaches we can protect our incredible marine life for future generations."