First Flush Water Quality Monitoring Program

First Flush is a wet-weather storm drain monitoring program focused on urban areas that drain into local rivers as well as Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Volunteer teams mobilize day or night during the first major rainstorm of the winter season to collect runoff from storm drain outfalls.  Runoff from this first major storm of the winter season can have extremely high pollutant concentrations after months of dry-weather depiction on hard, impermeable surfaces like streets, roofs or parking lots. Collected samples are analyzed for common urban pollutants such as bacteria (E. coli and enterococcus), metals (total copper, total zinc and total lead), nutrients (nitrate, phosphate, urea and ammonia), total suspended solids, turbidity and detergents.


Your donation to First Flush will purchase sampling equipment, lab analysis for samples and volunteer training.

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