Bay Net Shoreline Naturalists

Bay Net volunteers in blue jackets with spotting scopes on tripods, station themselves at harbor seal pupping beaches, black oystercatcher nest sites and other locations around Monterey Bay to inform and educate visitors to Monterey Bay about marine wildlife visible from shore.  Bay Net volunteers also often discuss how to protect local marine wildlife, reduce disturbances and how to protect local habitats. Common sights are resting sea otters, sleeping harbor seals, various seabirds and the occasional breaching whale.  Since the program’s inception in 1995, Bay Net volunteers have spoken with over 500,000 people from across California and the world. 


Your donation to the Bay Net Shoreline Naturalist Program will help to pay for an expansion of the program to new areas, binoculars, tripods, field equipment, jackets, hats, volunteer training and spotting scopes.

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