About Us

Alan Arvin

Executive Director

Rikki Eriksen, Ph.D.

Marine Programs Manager

Erin Ristig

MPA Program Assistant

and Data Analyst

Pam Krone MS

Agricultural Water Quality Program Manager,

Rural Watersheds

Lisa Emanuelson MS

Volunteer Monitoring Program Manager,

Urban Watersheds

and Interpretive Outreach

Danielle  Brown

Director of Operations

Katelyn Sprofera

MPA Program Coordinator

Jess Morten

Technology Program Manager

Mari Cajandig

Data Analyst and Technology Assistant

Susan Robinson

Greater Monterey County Integrated Regional Water Management Program (IRWMP) Coordinator

Jazmine Mejia-Muñoz MS

Research, Education and Outreach Associate

Website Credit


Kip Evans

Professional Photographer, Videographer and Underwater Explorer

Lisa Emanuelson MS

Website Design and Development

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation