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Ecosystem Monitoring

The Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) is a comprehensive, long-term project to integrate ecosystem-monitoring activities throughout the sanctuary. The SIMoN program has achieved high acclaim and serves as a model for comparable efforts elsewhere.

SIMoN Goals

  • Develop a database to track current and historic monitoring programs

  • Integrate existing monitoring programs conducted in the Sanctuary to provide a synoptic overview of this marine ecosystem

  • Initiate basic surveys or characterizations of all sanctuary habitats and regions

  • Establish a series of long-term monitoring efforts to fill in critical information gaps

  • Initiate specific, question-driven monitoring efforts with fixed durations

  • Provide timely and pertinent information to managers and decision makers, the research community, and the general public via a web site and other venues

SIMoN provides resource managers with the information needed for effective decision-making and promotes an unparalleled basic understanding of the complex and unique marine processes within the California Current ecosystem. By gathering summary data from on-going, recently completed and historic monitoring and research projects within sanctuaries, SIMoN facilitates the critical but often overlooked communication between researchers, resource managers, educators and the public.

In addition, SIMoN provides sanctuary staff a powerful tool to quickly access summary information on hundreds of monitoring and research programs, and identify gaps in current information. With this knowledge, managers can more effectively target their limited resources on surveying and characterizing under-studied habitats, assessing the impact of natural processes or human activities on specific resources, and implement relevant, long-term monitoring programs.

The SIMoN program is funded by numerous sources. Federal and state government agencies have seen the value of its initiatives and provided program-specific funding. Individuals, corporations, and private foundations are also important SIMoN supporters.

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) has served as a fiscal sponsor for SIMoN for well over a decade.

Scientific Research & Monitoring (SIMoN)
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