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Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas

photo Robert Schwemmer

The California Fish and Game Commission and NOAA established thirteen Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) within the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary in 2003 and 2007, respectively. These MPAs form a network that covers approximately 241 square nautical miles (or 318 square miles) and 21% of sanctuary waters. The network consists of 11 marine reserves where all take and fishing is prohibited, and two marine conservation areas that allow limited take of lobster and pelagic fish. The Channel Islands MPA network is designed to:

  • Protect and restore habitats and ecosystems.

  • Provide a refuge for all sea life.

  • Provide reference areas for research and educational opportunities.

  • Protect our nation's marine natural heritage for future generations.

The booklet entitled, “Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas: First Five Years of Monitoring”, communicates biophysical and socioeconomic monitoring results from the first 5 years of protection at the Channel Islands marine protected areas. For the report, visit: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/marine/channel_islands/fiveyears.asp

photo Robert Schwemmer

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council has continued to serve as a public forum where the latest ecological and socioeconomic observations and trends associated with the Channel Islands MPAs are presented periodically, along with ongoing information exchanges on the status of MPA enforcement, education and outreach. In addition, in 2014 a Santa Barbara Channel MPA Collaborative group formed to facilitate effective local MPA management, drawing lessons from Channel Islands MPA experiences and working to support more recently-designated mainland area MPAs.


Map of the Channel Islands Marine Protected Area Network:

Interactive Educational Map of the Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas, including photos and videos:
http://www.cisanctuary.org/map-edu content/base_96.html

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