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The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation supports the Monterey Bay and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuaries and California’s statewide network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and works to advance the understanding and protection of many other important coastal and ocean resources in California. The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) was established in 1995. Since inception the Sanctuary Foundation has supported many dozens of projects in education, research, and resource protection for conserving and protecting California’s extraordinary marine environment and resources. The sanctuary foundation is a shining example of the merit of collaboration between public agencies and private organizations.


Tthe California Marine Sanctuary Foundation is a public benefit 501(C)(3) non-profit organization (IRS federal identification number 94-3225675).


What's New!

Support the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber through Monterey County Gives!
Show your support for the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber! From November 8th through December 31st, please consider the Chamber during your "end of year" giving by making a donation through Monterey County Gives. Your contribution is eligible for matching funds and will help ensure this life-saving resource remains available to our community!

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